What the Hell is a Landing Page? (And why you need one!)

What the Hell is a Landing Page? (And why you need one!)

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Landing pages are something that everyone needs to embrace. You really cannot run a business without dedicated landing pages that provide your customer with a place to share your goodies. Whether it’s a promotion or special deal or a download, a landing page is the place to engage with clients!

What should be on my landing page…

  • It should be simple! Don’t overdo it with reviews, awards and extra stuff that could be distracting to your potential client.
  • Place for gathering at very least, name & email – don’t ask them for the world, they don’t want
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Top 3 Types of Video to Improve Your Social Traffic

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Video is a HUGE part of social media in today’s brand market, and every business should be utilizing video in some form or fashion. Whether you’re owning Facebook LIVE or telling your stories on Instagram, there are ways to create content without spending a ton of cash.

Deanna and Nathan chatter today about the Top 3 Types of Video to Improve Your Social Traffic during today’s podcast. Things that they cover with diligence are the following…

1. Tell Your Story – everyone wants to know where you came from, what inspired you and why you bother doing Read More


SCV Today: May 11, 2016

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Our team knows that monitoring your business and personal social media can be a tough task, and we do our best to help our friends and fans do it with style and ease. We get to be pros at attending training, webinars and bookmarking our favorite sites to keep us up to snuff with social media best practices and new technology. However, when it comes to managing the social media your kids are on, is a whole other ball of sticky wax!

Recently, our co-founder Deanna Miller was asked by our good friend and a host of SCV Today, Mike Read More

Social Media as a Customer Service Tool? Heck Yeah!

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We’ve all been there. A bad experience makes everything seem a lot less shiny, and can leave consumers chomping at the bit for redemption or at most acknowledgement that what they experienced wasn’t ok. In today’s episode, Deanna & Nate discuss what they’ve seen work and what they seen simply nose dive with failure in terms of businesses maximizing their customer service!

Things Nate & Deanna recommend thinking about when you’re making choices about how to utilize your social media channels for customer service:

It’s not easy managing customer service, and it’s feels all kinds of better Read More

Common Social Media Fails

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It’s the New Year, and while you’re building your strategy for this year, why not also make a tiny list of Social Media Fails to avoid. It’s so easy to be out and about with your pals and snap a few shots of your bestie with her skirt tucked in her undies, BUT what if that bestie is the CEO of a major company, and that immortalization of one of her not so finest moments, could make it onto Page Six?

Grab a pen and paper, and start making that list, as Deanna and Nate chatter about Read More

Enhancing Your Hyperlocal Marketing

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Believe it or not, there are tons of sub-topics when it comes to marketing, and for a long time people have lumped advertising and marketing into one enormous category. However, in a recent post by Seth Godin posted about the three things he felt were changing about how we market business and in this episode we discuss Hyperlocal Marketing, and how it’s changing thanks to technology, a revolving door of new applications and new theories on what works best for the various types of businesses.

Hyperlocal Marketing is something that most brick and mortar businesses, as well Read More

Understanding The Facebook Algorithm

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It’s no secret that organic reach is truly the holy grail of social media marketing. How does one beat the ever-changing Facebook Algorithm and achieve visibility by not only their audience but the multitude of Facebookers who might need your products & services? In today’s podcast, the team welcomes social media consultant, Gwendolyn Sims to the show to discuss overcoming Facebook’s limitations and getting your posts seen! Gwendolyn’s experience includes marketing advisement on a recent congressional & political campaigns and writing for various blogs including a nationally syndicated radio show.

It’s important always to remember that any Read More

The Social Life Podcast

The Social Life Podcast Launching November 4th

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We’re got Training Webinars, we’ve got Quick Tip Videos and now we’ve got The Social Life Podcast!

The questions are constantly rolling in, and we are always happy to answer them via email, Facebook messenger or even Twitter, however, we searched for a way to alleviate the needs of our audience and also have fun while doing it. And, thus the podcast concept for The Social Life was born! A podcast is a neat way to share topical information that allows anyone to engage with it from anywhere at any time, and we all know that traveling can be Read More


Digital Networking w/ LinkedIn Webinar

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LinkedIn is the perfect place to connect with potential leads and clients! During this webinar, Mike Bjorkman of HomeSmartNCG and Deanna Miller of Stark Social help our audience understand the ins and outs of social sharing on LinkedIn. While social media can help connect you with friends and family, it’s important with LinkedIn to set up a viable strategy that sets you apart from the competition.

Discover more about how to set up business pages, optimize your personal profile and develop an InMail response strategy that builds a sales funnel and a strong professional community.

Join expert social media trainer Read More


Expand Your Reach with Pinterest

Stark Social Social Media, Webinar

Pinterest is an outstanding way to expand the reach of your brand or business. In this training, Deanna of Stark Social and Mike Bjorkman the Broker/Owner of HomeSmartNCG discuss the many ways that real estate agents, and small business owners can get their product in front of potential clients, as well as build a sales funnel and ultimately and email list for future contact.

In the past, Pinterest has been pegged as simply as a great place to share recipes, DIY projects and crafts. However, with the advent of many add-ons for the business owner, Pinterest has become something much Read More