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It’s no secret that organic reach is truly the holy grail of social media marketing. How does one beat the ever-changing Facebook Algorithm and achieve visibility by not only their audience but the multitude of Facebookers who might need your products & services? In today’s podcast, the team welcomes social media consultant, Gwendolyn Sims to the show to discuss overcoming Facebook’s limitations and getting your posts seen! Gwendolyn’s experience includes marketing advisement on a recent congressional & political campaigns and writing for various blogs including a nationally syndicated radio show.

It’s important always to remember that any marketing requires a bit of a strategy and creative thinking, to achieve your goals and see ROI.

The Facebook Algorithm?

Facebook Algorithm... Hated it

Haaaaaated it

Stark Social’s Top 5 Tips to Increase Facebook Visibility

  1. Facebook Advertising – We all groan at the pay to play environment that exists on Facebook. However, your budget doesn’t have to be thousands of dollars to compete for visibility. Make sure to craft a Facebook advertising budget that it’s into your monthly spend and isn’t going to break the bank!
  2. Post in Peak Hours – There are tons of social monitoring and measuring tools out there, always ensure that you’re posting during times when your likely to have your posts seen by a larger audience. Don’t just post for the sake of posting, find those niche moments and use them to your fullest!
  3. Make Every Post Count – Post visually appealing images and content like the video that grabs the attention of users. Infographics are a fun way to share valuable information with users and also sell your business at the same time.
  4. Lights, Camera, Action – Develop a video strategy and upload strategically to Facebook while linking to your YouTube channel. A video is a wonderful way to quickly educate the audience on what you do and why it’s important. Check out the Stark Videos we’ve done for our site.
  5. Make Friends & Neighbors – Cross promote with local businesses and tag them in your posts! Whether it’s a local non-profit organization, coffee shop or entrepreneur who your goals align with, get out there and build relationships with local business (or online) businesses that can help increase your reach by utilizing their audience too.

Remember, content is king, and consistency is key! The more you practice getting social, the better you will ultimately become at recognizing when to post and how to achieve your goals. Facebook is just one piece of the puzzle regarding social marketing, and it is a necessary evil in the battle to win over new clients and create significant returns on your investment.

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