What the Hell is a Landing Page? (And why you need one!)

What the Hell is a Landing Page? (And why you need one!)

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Landing pages are something that everyone needs to embrace. You really cannot run a business without dedicated landing pages that provide your customer with a place to share your goodies. Whether it’s a promotion or special deal or a download, a landing page is the place to engage with clients!

What should be on my landing page…

  • It should be simple! Don’t overdo it with reviews, awards and extra stuff that could be distracting to your potential client.
  • Place for gathering at very least, name & email – don’t ask them for the world, they don’t want
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Top 3 Types of Video to Improve Your Social Traffic

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Video is a HUGE part of social media in today’s brand market, and every business should be utilizing video in some form or fashion. Whether you’re owning Facebook LIVE or telling your stories on Instagram, there are ways to create content without spending a ton of cash.

Deanna and Nathan chatter today about the Top 3 Types of Video to Improve Your Social Traffic during today’s podcast. Things that they cover with diligence are the following…

1. Tell Your Story – everyone wants to know where you came from, what inspired you and why you bother doing Read More

Does Your Biz Really Need a Video App?

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With every new social media app comes a head-spinning wave of the how-to and the top reasons why it’s the best and you should use it for various reasons. Now there’s a variety of live video applications with everything from a cute little animal to a Facebook trend that is making it is for celebs and people of note to share their wickedly odd and entertaining moments uncensored.

Deanna and Nate are breaking it all down for you, and make recommendations, as they try them out live on the show for your viewing and laughing pleasure.

Meerkat Manor is worth a watch

  • Periscope
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Be A YouTube Expert Webinar

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Video can seem daunting and a little bit overwhelming to the novice user. Not everyone is a YouTube star, like Mike Bjorkman our co-host and the Broker & Owner of HomeSmartNCG with locations in Northridge and Santa Clarita in California.

During this webinar in the 10-Week Social Media Series, Deanna and Mike cover how to optimize the use of video on YouTube in order to create a steady fan-base and discover new potential clients. That’s right, YouTube isn’t just for cute cat videos or learning how to make the perfect muffin! Jump on YouTube and implement the tools from the Read More

Youtube for Business Webinar

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If you’re any kind of business then your business should be on YouTube!

There’s a variety of ways to manage a YouTube Channel from How-To videos to Event Videos and everything in between. We’re always working on the best ways to develop an audience, drive traffic to the all important sales funnel and increase brand identity, and in this helpful webinar we’re covering the behind the scenes tidbits that will help your brand increase YouTube efficiency. Mike Bjorkman, Owner/Broker of HomeSmartNCG has built a career in real estate off of quality videos and Deanna Miller, co-founder of Stark Social Media Read More