Social Media as a Customer Service Tool? Heck Yeah!

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We’ve all been there. A bad experience makes everything seem a lot less shiny, and can leave consumers chomping at the bit for redemption or at most acknowledgement that what they experienced wasn’t ok. In today’s episode, Deanna & Nate discuss what they’ve seen work and what they seen simply nose dive with failure in terms of businesses maximizing their customer service!

Things Nate & Deanna recommend thinking about when you’re making choices about how to utilize your social media channels for customer service:

  • What is your current audience expectation for social customer attention?
  • Develop a plan around your customer base expectations and add it to your training manual or process and procedures for all employees.
  • Write scripts and dialogues that team members can use and store them in places like Evernote or Dropbox for easy mobile access.
  • Avoid sparking issues with avoiding public conversations. Negative reviews can be a wonderful way to showcase your professionalism and create raving fans!
  • Audit customer relationship interactions on the regular to update and manage how you respond and react (and sing lyrics to the song).
It’s not easy managing customer service, and it’s feels all kinds of better to walk away and ignore it. But, trust in the fact that building raving fans and growing your sales funnel hinges on your public perception and it starts with thoughtful client interactions and customer service!

Social Media Can Help You Provide Excellent Customer Service

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