The History and Evolution of QR Codes: From Utility to Versatility

The History and Evolution of QR Codes: From Utility to Versatility

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The history of QR codes can be traced back to the mid-1990s when Japanese company Denso Wave developed the code to help track vehicles during the manufacturing process. The code quickly gained popularity due to its fast readability and large storage capacity compared to traditional barcodes.

In the years following their introduction, QR codes expanded beyond the automotive industry and began to be used in various other applications, including marketing, advertising, and product labeling. The rise of smartphones equipped with cameras made it possible for people to scan QR codes and quickly access information, such as website links, product information, Read More

Creating a Successful Small Business Blog: Tips & Strategies

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A blog is a powerful tool for small businesses looking to establish themselves as experts in their industry, generate leads, and improve their search engine optimization (SEO). However, creating a successful small business blog is not as simple as publishing a few articles. It requires a well-thought-out strategy and a deep understanding of your target audience.

Here are some tips for creating a successful small business blog:

Understand your target audience: Before you start creating content, you need to understand who you’re creating it for. This includes identifying their pain points, interests, and what type of content they want to Read More

Should Your Small Business Have a Blog? Understanding the Role of Content Marketing

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A solid online presence is crucial for small businesses in today’s digital age. One way to enhance your online presence is by having a blog on your website. But what is a blog, and is it necessary for your business? In this article, we will explore the concept of blogging and how it relates to content marketing and provide guidance on whether or not your small business should have a blog.

A blog is a website section where regular articles or posts are written and published. These articles can cover a wide range of topics, from industry news and updates Read More

Create an Educational Content Checklist

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We talk about it a lot on The Social Life Podcast (I know, I know we’re coming back soon) – Value Add. Are you adding value to your social presence or simply building an echo chamber?

Creating educational content is the best way to create a balance and also position yourself a subject matter expert, which of course is key in industries like real estate, personal training, and more. Now, you’re going to ask us, how the heck do I create educational content? Well, lucky for you, we’ve been coming up with new content for our podcast, and have created Read More

10 Actionable Goals For Better Content Marketing

10 Actionable Goals for Better Content Marketing

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Many businesses are using blog writing to keep their websites fresh and in the good graces of the Google Gods. In today’s podcast, Deanna and Nate are going to chat about the action items you can use to create a checklist for creating valuable content marketing that will not only assist with building your sales funnel, but also keep Google noticing and ranking your site.

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The Social Life Hosts

  • Deanna L Miller | Partner & Marketing Director Stark Social Media Agency
    Deanna L. Miller
    Partner & Marketing Director
  • Nathan Imhoff | Partner & Creative Director Stark Social Media Agency
    Nathan Imhoff
    Partner & Creative Director
Read More
What The Devil is a CTA?

What The Devil Is A CTA?

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A Call-to-Action or more fancily know as a CTA for those of us in the industry, is an extremely important part of marketing efforts in today’s action driven society to ensure that your messaging is in-tune with your desired end result. In this week’s podcast, Deanna and Nate talk about the all important CTA in a variety of uses and why it’s important to incorporate them into every form of marketing being done by yourself and/or your company!

In the show they talk about some great examples from Hubspot who offers insights into why certain CTAs work Read More

How to Own Your Keyword Research

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In the history of marketing, there has never been such a low barrier to understanding the motivations of consumers. We have mountains of data available to help predict how consumers might respond. Yet many small businesses are living in “field of dreams” where they believe if they build it (a website) people will just show up and start playing ball!

So what the heck is a keyword and why does one need it? We have run across that question every time we build a website or assemble a social media strategy that includes Google Adwords or a Read More

How To Up Your RSS Game

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RSS Feeds are ridiculously important! If you didn’t know, you heard that FeedBurner is no longer relevant, or you’re still mourning Google Reader like our co-founder Deanna then this is the podcast episode for you! RSS Feeds like blogs and social media channels help to create a strong presence for your brand and place you and your team as subject matter experts. And, that’s the holy grail for bringing folks to that sales funnel we all want to build and drip market to with valuable insights and information that makes us the best of the best.

RSS Read More


Curating Content with Buffer & Feedly 2.0

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Finding quality content can be tricky! Deanna Miller of Stark Social Media and Mike Bjorkman encourage his real estate agents to utilize the tools provided by both Buffer and Feedly to curate content to share on their various social media channels.

Buffer offers a way to organize your social content and share it with an optimized schedule that takes into account your audience and optimal posting times. While Feedly, allows users to source valuable content that increases your visibility, and helps your sphere of influence grow.

During this webinar, Mike and Deanna discuss practical uses of both tools and how Read More

Curating Content with Buffer & Feedly Webinar

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Creating content can be a hard task to manage! Trust us, we get how tough it can be to find valuable content that your audience is going to fall head-over-heels in love with enough to share with their friends and family. That’s why we’ve developed a strategy for browsing content that is similar to reading those pesky old newspapers every single day. Plus, you can’t link to your Facebook page from the Wall Street Journal!

Our co-founder Deanna Miller, and Owner/Broker of HomeSmartNCG Mike Bjorkman share this strategy for zero cost with business owners and real estate agents across the Read More