5 Social Media Snafus Your Business Must Avoid

5 Social Media Snafus to Avoid

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There are few things more embarrassing for an individual, or a business than having a social media account compromised by a phishing attack. These attacks usually start when another compromised account sends a direct message to all the accounts connected to them via social media – for example, Twitter. While these messages are camouflaged to seem harmless and fun, they are indeed the bait for the phishing! You might have seen this one in your DM box “I can’t believe the look on your face in this video” with a link of some sort.  The innocent and unsuspecting user then Read More


Be A YouTube Expert Webinar

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Video can seem daunting and a little bit overwhelming to the novice user. Not everyone is a YouTube star, like Mike Bjorkman our co-host and the Broker & Owner of HomeSmartNCG with locations in Northridge and Santa Clarita in California.

During this webinar in the 10-Week Social Media Series, Deanna and Mike cover how to optimize the use of video on YouTube in order to create a steady fan-base and discover new potential clients. That’s right, YouTube isn’t just for cute cat videos or learning how to make the perfect muffin! Jump on YouTube and implement the tools from the Read More

SCV Today: August 5, 2015

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Our team knows that monitoring your business and personal social media can be a tough task, and we do our best to help our friends and fans do it with style and ease. We get to be pros at attending training, webinars and bookmarking our favorite sites to keep us up to snuff with social media best practices and new technology. But, when it comes to managing the social media your kids are on, is a whole other ball of sticky wax!

Recently, our co-founder Deanna Miller was asked by our good friend and host of SCV Today, Mike Bjorkman Read More


Curating Content with Buffer & Feedly 2.0

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Finding quality content can be tricky! Deanna Miller of Stark Social Media and Mike Bjorkman encourage his real estate agents to utilize the tools provided by both Buffer and Feedly to curate content to share on their various social media channels.

Buffer offers a way to organize your social content and share it with an optimized schedule that takes into account your audience and optimal posting times. While Feedly, allows users to source valuable content that increases your visibility, and helps your sphere of influence grow.

During this webinar, Mike and Deanna discuss practical uses of both tools and how Read More

Twitter 3.0 Webinar

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Who doesn’t love Twitter? Deanna Miller of Stark Social and Mike Bjorkman of HomeSmartNCG have a blast sharing their tips and ideas for maximizing sales while having fun with social media!

In this webinar, learn how to use Twitter search to find new potential clients, Twitter Lists to build a content base and discover the best ways to grow your audience.

Join expert social media trainer Deanna Miller, Co-Founder of Stark Social Media Agency and Mike Bjorkman, Owner and Broker of HomeSmartNCG for this free social marketing training!

Webinar Conducted By

Read More

Free Your Inner Facebook

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Facebook seems to conjure a particular factor of intimidation for businesses of the smaller variety. The big brands make it look so easy to accrue throngs of followers, with their shiny fan gates, and fun apps can be very intimidating. Don’t let the glare of a humongous marketing budget cause a panic attack before you’ve even begun!

Even if you don’t have hundreds of friends on Facebook, your Fan page can be successful with a very niche approach that will draw in only the market share of the appropriate audience for your product. Attacking your target audience will garner you Read More

Social Media Digital Wonderland

Digital Wonderland

Deanna L. Miller Social Media

Falling down the digital rabbit hole is truly easy to do! When assembling the proper digital marketing strategy, it is easy to get caught up in all the bells and whistles that are out there. Jumping on every social channel makes sense, right? The answer to that question is nope.often brands create social accounts in every vein possible and then don’t have the time or the manpower to maintain their prowess. It isn’t uncommon to get lost in crafting your business strategy and be too busy to manage your Facebook fan page or forget to tweet regularly to promote sales Read More

Stark Social Media Agency Kick Ass Public Relations

Kick Ass Public Relations!

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People want to know what you’re doing. Seriously, they do. They want to know how your brand, product or services can make their lives more fabulous. The toughest part about spreading the stellar news about your growing business is deciding the most efficient way to share it with the world. While your current customer base is to be valued – think of all the amazing folks out there who have yet to find out about your biz!

Stark Social Media Agency Public Relations
Engaging with a Public Relations expert will make this entire process seem like a cake walk. While the whole phrase Public Relations can Read More

Tweeting During Tragedy | Santa Clarita Social Media Stark Social Media Agency

Tweeting (or NOT) During Tragedy

Deanna L. Miller Social Media

Sadly, over the last year our communities have been horribly impacted by several tragedies and some very recent heartbreakers that have rocked all of us to our cores. Thanks to the interwebs we can’t escape the daily bad news our local and national communities are touched by however it’s uber important that brands pay careful attention to how they use social media on days that create heavy hearts.

If a follower is searching Twitter for news or updates from media outlets and your biz is advertising it’s upcoming 2-for-1 Sale this weekend there are going to be lots of frowny Read More

Google+ For Business Webinar

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Google+ is constantly changing, and love it or hate it, Google isn’t going anywhere! With Google having cornered the market on search engine’s, it is truly important to know what they offer in terms of social media services and that includes Google+ and MyBusiness. Historically, people have shied away from using Google+ because it has seemed tricky or complicated, and while it might appear that way, there are certain tricks that can be employed to make it a great portion of your sales funnel growth.

In today’s webinar, Deanna shares with the interwebs what she has learned through her efforts Read More