Building Your Social Media Resume With Social Assist Pro

Building Your Social Media Resume with Social Assist Pro

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Chatting with potential clients, I always find myself saying the same thing over and over again. Your social media should be your references on your overall business resume, while those fancy products and services serve as your work history. It’s really become a consumer market online and we’re seeing more and more end-users shying away from businesses that don’t have a viable online presence. That means everything from the website to social media channels sharing what makes you super duper special.

When you’re getting your social media all shiny and new, you’re going to want to remember the following few Read More

Boost Your Online Business Presence In Under 1-Hour A Week

Boost Your Online Business Presence in Under 1-Hour a Week

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Did you know that your online presence is easy to manage and doesn’t have to be overwhelming?

Deanna has worked on crafting a strategy for her consulting clients that helps them manage their social media and digital strategy with ease while allowing them to manage their businesses with ease. Taking time to get your social marketing strategy and time schedule nailed down makes all the difference in your regular daily social marketing routine and makes it no sweat to manage. As always it’s important to create fabulous editorial calendar and a checklist that ensures you’re making sweet Read More

Why Aren't You Using Facebook Lead Generation Ads | Stark Social Media Agency (Santa Clarita/Los Angeles)

Why aren’t you using Facebook Lead Generation Ads?

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Are you advertising on Facebook and looking to build your email list? Good for you!! Facebook Lead Ads are your best bet for gathering data and information with ease and growing that sweet email list you’ve been trying to figure out how to add people to.

Facebook Lead Ads allow you to gather Facebook users actual emails and download them into a .CSV file for use in building email lists or retargeting on Facebook or other fancy ad portals like our favorite ad friends, AdRoll.

Don’t be scared to start with Facebook ads, it’s not that scary. Seriously, it’s not Read More

​Has Snapchat Jumped the Shark? Podcast

Has Snapchat Jumped the Shark?

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We know that this may not be the most popular opinion in the world but Snapchat is starting to see heavy competition from tools like Instagram that have a dedicated follower base and are much easier to use. In this The Social Life Podcast episode, Deanna and Nate talk about what Snapchat has done to diminish their returning users and how Instagram is upping their game.

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The Social Life Hosts

  • Deanna L Miller | Partner & Marketing Director Stark Social Media Agency
    Deanna L. Miller
    Partner & Marketing Director
  • Nathan Imhoff | Partner & Creative Director Stark Social Media Agency
    Nathan Imhoff
    Partner & Creative Director
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Twitter is not Dead Podcast

Twitter is Not Dead

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Did you know that Twitter is doing things to improve it’s viability? Yep, it’s doing things that are making advertising awesome for businesses who are looking to grab the attention of audiences all over the world.

In this episode, Deanna and Nate chat about what they love about Twitter, and how to use it for your own personal and professional needs!

What are you doing with your Twitter? Don’t forget if you have questions about your LinkedIn presence or need help sharpening it up, please don’t hesitate to reach out by emailing Deanna at [email protected]

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Developing Your Personal Brand With Social Media With Neil Fitzgerald

Developing Your Personal Brand with Social Media with Neil Fitzgerald

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A personal brand is important to any business whether you’re building your brand to get the best job possible or your looking to be an entrepreneur and take the world by storm. During today’s podcast, we chat with our fabulous friend, Neil Fitzgerald about developing your personal brand for long term success and goal achievement.

Neil has waylaid his personal brand through recognition of his brand identity and channeled that into professional success that we’d all love to copy!

  • Don’t post about boozing with your friends – unless it’s done thoughtfully.
  • Have a professional looking headshot for
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Nonprots and Social Marketing with Neil Fitzgerald

Nonprofits and Social Marketing with Neil Fitzgerald

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Deanna and Nathan chatter a lot about getting involved in the community you work, and live in, and that’s why in this episode of The Social Life, the team invited Neil Fitzgerald to join them for a chat about getting started and how you can incorporate nonprofits in your social media. Neil has worked with nonprofit organizations across the world, held political office in the UK and most recently worked his way up to National VP of the Junior Chamber, while tirelessly maintaining and excelling in his professional life too. Being involved in your community is key Read More

Instagram Apps Worth Downloading

Instagram Apps Worth Downloading

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Are you using Instagram to reach your prospective clients? Are you having trouble making wicked good posts? Deanna runs us down on her favorite Instagram apps right now and most of them are FREE to download and try!

  • Instafit – does exactly what it sounds like! Make your images fit better. Download For iPhone | Download For Android
  • Cleaner – did you know that there is an algorithm that scores your Followers to Follow ratios? Clean up your follow list and make sure you’re following relevant content that supports your biz goals. **BTW: When Nate said cleaner
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How To Get Your First 100 Followers

How To Get Your First 100 Followers

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Have you downloaded the Stark Social Media app, yet? We’re on Droid and Apple so go now and get it!

While you’re all hard at work, we’re putting together great show topics and today, we’re chatting about how to jump start your social media presence and get those first pesky 100 followers!

Twitter can certainly be an easy build, along with Instagram while we know Facebook is a tough one to tackle since their algorithm is such a pain in the tush. Deanna encourages all of us to use the tools that each social media channel offers Read More

What The Devil is a CTA?

What The Devil Is A CTA?

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A Call-to-Action or more fancily know as a CTA for those of us in the industry, is an extremely important part of marketing efforts in today’s action driven society to ensure that your messaging is in-tune with your desired end result. In this week’s podcast, Deanna and Nate talk about the all important CTA in a variety of uses and why it’s important to incorporate them into every form of marketing being done by yourself and/or your company!

In the show they talk about some great examples from Hubspot who offers insights into why certain CTAs work Read More