Enhancing Your Hyperlocal Marketing

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Believe it or not, there are tons of sub-topics when it comes to marketing, and for a long time people have lumped advertising and marketing into one enormous category. However, in a recent post by Seth Godin posted about the three things he felt were changing about how we market business and in this episode we discuss Hyperlocal Marketing, and how it’s changing thanks to technology, a revolving door of new applications and new theories on what works best for the various types of businesses.

Hyperlocal Marketing is something that most brick and mortar businesses, as well Read More


Big Changes Coming to Google+

Stark Social Social Media, Webinar

Google+ has become an evolving anomaly over the last several years, and it continues to baffle those who attempt to tackle it. Whether you hate it or love it, Google+ it definitely a necessary social media channel to keep your eyes on. With Google restructuring its Dashboard, creating Google Photos and encouraging businesses to use it’s various offering sans a G-Mail Account, it’s worth keeping in any social media repertoire.

In this engaging webinar, Deanna Miller of Stark Social and Mike Bjorkman help guide and explain the newest changes with Google+ and how to maximize them within your everyday social Read More


Digital Networking w/ LinkedIn Webinar

Stark Social Social Media, Webinar

LinkedIn is the perfect place to connect with potential leads and clients! During this webinar, Mike Bjorkman of HomeSmartNCG and Deanna Miller of Stark Social help our audience understand the ins and outs of social sharing on LinkedIn. While social media can help connect you with friends and family, it’s important with LinkedIn to set up a viable strategy that sets you apart from the competition.

Discover more about how to set up business pages, optimize your personal profile and develop an InMail response strategy that builds a sales funnel and a strong professional community.

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Facebook Business Pages Success

Stark Social Social Media, Webinar

Facebook Business Pages can be a tricky thing to navigate when you’re trying to market your business. In this webinar, Deanna and Mike cover the best ways to utilize Facebook’s current marketing and advertising offerings to expand your reach!

Facebook is still owning the social media channel battle, and it’s important to know how to fight back! In this webinar, we’re covering all the things you need to know to improve your presence and reach with Facebook Business Pages!

Join expert social media trainer Deanna Miller, Co-Founder of Stark Social Media Agency and Mike Bjorkman, Owner and Broker of HomeSmartNCG Read More

Free Your Inner Facebook

Stark Social Social Media

Facebook seems to conjure a particular factor of intimidation for businesses of the smaller variety. The big brands make it look so easy to accrue throngs of followers, with their shiny fan gates, and fun apps can be very intimidating. Don’t let the glare of a humongous marketing budget cause a panic attack before you’ve even begun!

Even if you don’t have hundreds of friends on Facebook, your Fan page can be successful with a very niche approach that will draw in only the market share of the appropriate audience for your product. Attacking your target audience will garner you Read More

Social Media Digital Wonderland

Digital Wonderland

Deanna L. Miller Social Media

Falling down the digital rabbit hole is truly easy to do! When assembling the proper digital marketing strategy, it is easy to get caught up in all the bells and whistles that are out there. Jumping on every social channel makes sense, right? The answer to that question is nope.often brands create social accounts in every vein possible and then don’t have the time or the manpower to maintain their prowess. It isn’t uncommon to get lost in crafting your business strategy and be too busy to manage your Facebook fan page or forget to tweet regularly to promote sales Read More

Stark Social Media Agency Content is King

Content is King

Deanna L. Miller Content Marketing

One thing that Stark Social Media stresses to all our clients is that what they share defines who they are in the eyes of the social public. Whether you are writing a blog, tweeting to your heart’s content or posting on Facebook for all your fans to view, content is king.

Stark Social Media Agency Web Content Writing

If you look at any of the critical data, push locations – Mashable, Social Media Examiner, LinkedIn – the content shared is always relevant and speaks to the audience’s deepest desires to sponge up every last little bit of knowledge. While your brand might not be a national Read More