Top 10 Tips for Bringing Harmony to Your Email & Social Marketing

Top 10 Tips for Bringing Harmony to Your Email & Social Marketing

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Nate and Deanna have a fun conversation about bringing harmony to your email and social marketing – what does that mean? Deanna covers the basics of creating an email marketing strategy, and adding it to your social marketing strategy.

In this podcast, we cover the following:

  • Ask your current social sphere to build your sales funnel
  • Make sure you’ve got at very least your Facebook and Twitter set up
  • Pick an email provider to send your emails (separate from your CRM) we like MailChimp
  • Have you claimed your Google MyBusiness Yet? Go now. Do it now.

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Battle of the Ads: Facebook vs. Google

Battle of the Ads: Facebook vs. Google

Stark SocialPodcast, Social Media

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Facebook is constantly changing its algorithm to improve the user experience. Surveys showed Facebook that users were unhappy with being inundated with content from brands that didn’t matter to them. Moreover, that is what sparked a change in algorithm again and again, and now they have adapted their formula to ensure that users are getting more of the family, friends, and brands that matter than anything else. The bottom line is that if you are a brand trying to reach someone on Facebook then you are going to need to play the game. Google’s algorithm has changed Read More

Choosing The Best Social Media Site For Your Biz 1080p

Choosing The Best Social Media Site For Your Biz

Stark SocialPodcast, Social Media

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A question, Deanna gets a lot… Do I need to be on every social media channel? And, the reality is that not every business needs to be everywhere. It might not match your business model, or provide you with a viable customer base and it makes much more sense to focus on the things that are going to increase that sales funnel!

Deanna and Nate chat about social media channels, and which ones are MUST haves for businesses and which ones are just add-ons to support solid efforts as needed.

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How to Own Your Keyword Research

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In the history of marketing, there has never been such a low barrier to understanding the motivations of consumers. We have mountains of data available to help predict how consumers might respond. Yet many small businesses are living in “field of dreams” where they believe if they build it (a website) people will just show up and start playing ball!

So what the heck is a keyword and why does one need it? We have run across that question every time we build a website or assemble a social media strategy that includes Google Adwords or a Read More


Big Changes Coming to Google+

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Google+ has become an evolving anomaly over the last several years, and it continues to baffle those who attempt to tackle it. Whether you hate it or love it, Google+ it definitely a necessary social media channel to keep your eyes on. With Google restructuring its Dashboard, creating Google Photos and encouraging businesses to use it’s various offering sans a G-Mail Account, it’s worth keeping in any social media repertoire.

In this engaging webinar, Deanna Miller of Stark Social and Mike Bjorkman help guide and explain the newest changes with Google+ and how to maximize them within your everyday social Read More

Google+ For Business Webinar

Stark SocialSocial Media, Webinar

Google+ is constantly changing, and love it or hate it, Google isn’t going anywhere! With Google having cornered the market on search engine’s, it is truly important to know what they offer in terms of social media services and that includes Google+ and MyBusiness. Historically, people have shied away from using Google+ because it has seemed tricky or complicated, and while it might appear that way, there are certain tricks that can be employed to make it a great portion of your sales funnel growth.

In today’s webinar, Deanna shares with the interwebs what she has learned through her efforts Read More