How to Own Your Keyword Research

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In the history of marketing, there has never been such a low barrier to understanding the motivations of consumers. We have mountains of data available to help predict how consumers might respond. Yet many small businesses are living in “field of dreams” where they believe if they build it (a website) people will just show up and start playing ball!

So what the heck is a keyword and why does one need it? We have run across that question every time we build a website or assemble a social media strategy that includes Google Adwords or a Facebook campaign. Search Engine Optimization isn’t simply about picking a keyword that describes your business and writing it over and over and over and over and over….ok, you get it. Right? Please say, you get it! Well, if you don’t get it, and you’re like Deanna, who has spent the last three years jamming Google Adwords Trainings into her noggin for the greater good of the Stark Social clients, then you’re in luck! Nathan runs circles around keyword research, why we need it and how to best avoid some common pitfalls that even the pros made once upon a time.

How do I select keywords?

Do not make an assumption about whether people are searching for a word. Come in with an open mind about what you think people are typing into search engines to find your business. And remember just because something comes up in the results doesn’t mean it is a good word. You can type in random letters and get ten pages of results.

Look at how competitive the keyword is. Is it too competitive? Forget broad words like real estate, landscaping, life insurance instead think location Los Angeles landscaping or, or even more, specific like a Santa Clarita landscaping and so on. Then go and look for complementary words like gardening or tree trimming.

Analyze the websites that are ranking for this word right now. Analyze does not mean copy, remember duplicate content is big website ranking killer. But look at the types of things they are doing to get their ranking. Remember it isn’t always about their content, but we will save that for another podcast.

Run sample campaigns for keywords and Assess the Value of the Keyword. Remember to choose “exact match” and point traffic to a relevant page. Track the impression of 250 to 350 clicks. Was it successful? Run a larger campaign. I will use round numbers for easy math.

Let’s say your campaign generates 2000 impression in one day of which you get 100 visitors with five conversions for a total of $200 in profit (not revenue). Take your profit and divide by visitors which would put the value of the keyword at $2 to your business. Like your very own private stock market, a keyword can go up and down in value to your business.

We hope this helps you improve your keyword research or, at least, know the right questions to ask someone when talking search engine optimization or your next web design adventure.

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