Top 10 Tips for Bringing Harmony to Your Email & Social Marketing

Top 10 Tips for Bringing Harmony to Your Email & Social Marketing

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Nate and Deanna have a fun conversation about bringing harmony to your email and social marketing – what does that mean? Deanna covers the basics of creating an email marketing strategy, and adding it to your social marketing strategy.

In this podcast, we cover the following:

  • Ask your current social sphere to build your sales funnel
  • Make sure you’ve got at very least your Facebook and Twitter set up
  • Pick an email provider to send your emails (separate from your CRM) we like MailChimp
  • Have you claimed your Google MyBusiness Yet? Go now. Do it now.

Here’s the tips…but, don’t skip the podcast…

  1. Offer incentives to give your audience to connect with You
  2. Make sure your social media icons are on your email template
  3. Use Branded Hashtags just for your biz
  4. Newsletter sign-ups on website and social media
  5. Run targeted ads using Facebook retargeting
  6. Set up email automation to drip market to certain folks for certain reasons
  7. Targeted social sharing – Twitter is a great place to do that
  8. Automate Your Marketing as much as possible
  9. Look at your data and use it to create content
  10. Make everything as mobile friendly as possible!

Tools we like:

You’d be surprised how much business comes from email marketing! Keeping people informed about your audience in the loop is extremely important to ensuring your potential and past clients are aware of how awesome you’re doing.


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The Social Life Hosts

  • Deanna L Miller | Partner & Marketing Director Stark Social Media Agency
    Deanna L. Miller
    Partner & Marketing Director
  • Nathan Imhoff | Partner & Creative Director Stark Social Media Agency
    Nathan Imhoff
    Partner & Creative Director