5 Social Media Snafus Your Business Must Avoid

5 Social Media Snafus to Avoid

Nathan Imhoff Social Media

There are few things more embarrassing for an individual, or a business than having a social media account compromised by a phishing attack. These attacks usually start when another compromised account sends a direct message to all the accounts connected to them via social media – for example, Twitter. While these messages are camouflaged to seem harmless and fun, they are indeed the bait for the phishing! You might have seen this one in your DM box “I can’t believe the look on your face in this video” with a link of some sort.  The innocent and unsuspecting user then Read More

Facebook Business Pages Success

Stark Social Social Media, Webinar

Facebook Business Pages can be a tricky thing to navigate when you’re trying to market your business. In this webinar, Deanna and Mike cover the best ways to utilize Facebook’s current marketing and advertising offerings to expand your reach!

Facebook is still owning the social media channel battle, and it’s important to know how to fight back! In this webinar, we’re covering all the things you need to know to improve your presence and reach with Facebook Business Pages!

Join expert social media trainer Deanna Miller, Co-Founder of Stark Social Media Agency and Mike Bjorkman, Owner and Broker of HomeSmartNCG Read More

Free Your Inner Facebook

Stark Social Social Media

Facebook seems to conjure a particular factor of intimidation for businesses of the smaller variety. The big brands make it look so easy to accrue throngs of followers, with their shiny fan gates, and fun apps can be very intimidating. Don’t let the glare of a humongous marketing budget cause a panic attack before you’ve even begun!

Even if you don’t have hundreds of friends on Facebook, your Fan page can be successful with a very niche approach that will draw in only the market share of the appropriate audience for your product. Attacking your target audience will garner you Read More


Facebook for Personal Branding

Stark Social Social Media, Webinar

When you’re working on developing your personal brand, Facebook can be a great place to start! Although, Facebook discourages brands and businesses from selling directly on your personal Facebook profile, there are ways to engage your friends, colleagues and neighbors to extend your network and increase your brand awareness.

In these trainings, we cover many topics including how to personally brand your Facebook profile with your business logo and information, as well as the tools available to entrepreneurs for engaging your friends to help jump start your businesses presence on-line.

Join expert social media trainer Deanna Miller, Co-Founder of Stark Read More

Keep Your Biz on the Facebook Page | Santa Clarita Social Media

Keep Your Biz on the Facebook Page!

Deanna L. Miller Social Media

Accentuate the Positive. Eliminate the Negative. – Recently, as I wandered through Facebook’s friendly timeline, I noticed that some of the posts from some folks just weren’t all that friendly. Rants about businesses, family and friends seem to come from all directions and well, it’s a smidgen disheartening to those of us who adore social. Alas, Facebook is one of those anomalies that either you love or hate, right? But, if you are a business then you might consider taking your biz related posts away from your personal Facebook profile.

Being social on social media is well, about being social Read More