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Keep Your Biz on the Facebook Page!

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Accentuate the Positive. Eliminate the Negative. – Recently, as I wandered through Facebook’s friendly timeline, I noticed that some of the posts from some folks just weren’t all that friendly. Rants about businesses, family and friends seem to come from all directions and well, it’s a smidgen disheartening to those of us who adore social. Alas, Facebook is one of those anomalies that either you love or hate, right? But, if you are a business then you might consider taking your biz related posts away from your personal Facebook profile.

Being social on social media is well, about being social and taking the time to enjoy it while you do it. The folks here at Stark Social Media Agency love being social. Heck, we love it so darn much that we’re even working on a series of workshops to teach everybody how to optimize their reach.

The amazing and well-known Facebook created (a bit ago) a fabulous thing called, Facebook Pages – a page that lets the world see only your brand’s status updates and shares while making certain to keep the personal off your future consumer’s radar. Utilizing Facebook Pages is like having a little mini-website where you friends, family and of course even clients can keep themselves abreast of all situations that might be occurring in the world of your biz. Every brand and/or product should have a Facebook Page. No seriously, you certainly should. If you don’t have one, make one or ask us and we can help.

Stark Social Media Agency (Santa Clarita) | Keep Your Business on the Facebook Page! Stark Social Media Agency (Santa Clarita) | Keep Your Business on the Facebook Page!

If you’re a burgeoning start-up that can’t yet afford a website of fabulous proportions and have a small budget for marketing, then Stark Social Media recommends crafting a winning Facebook Page until you have the funds available. Never ever discount the power behind a properly executed website, though! Facebook Pages are an affordable way to create an on-line presence with search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing. A search engine presence is a key to being visible by the right members of your prospective market. Many times an active Facebook Page will assist with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by allowing a biz or brand to take up many of those first-page search result spots.

Every knows that the “First Page” is simply the best page! Honestly, who ever clicks past that very first page of search results?

Once you’ve got your Facebook Page up and running with all your business details and you’re ready to post, make sure that you keep it all business. Every post should be relatable content, but strictly biz related – not what you ate for breakfast, how awful your experience was at the gas station or if you’re ticked at your significant other.

Here are a couple of really fabulous examples:

The amazing thing about social media is that you get to be social with people who might require your services, knowledge or simply adore how you post. If you keep all your social channels in the realm of positive and informative, you’re likely to have outstanding growth and engagement before long.

Not certain where to get started? Just ask us, we’re happy to help!

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