5 Social Media Snafus Your Business Must Avoid

5 Social Media Snafus to Avoid

Nathan Imhoff Social Media

5. Falling prey to phishing attacks

Dont fall Prey To Social Media Phishing Attacks

Don’t fall Prey To Social Media Phishing Attacks

There are few things more embarrassing for an individual, or a business than having a social media account compromised by a phishing attack. These attacks usually start when another compromised account sends a direct message to all the accounts connected to them via social media – for example, Twitter. While these messages are camouflaged to seem harmless and fun, they are indeed the bait for the phishing! You might have seen this one in your DM box “I can’t believe the look on your face in this video” with a link of some sort.  The innocent and unsuspecting user then clicks the link it takes them to what appears to be the social media site they are on but in reality it is a phishing site! Phishing sites are designed to record their username and password and start the cycle again.

Fair warning, watch out for suspicious links and don’t be afraid to Tweet  to the user in question that their account might have been compromised.