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Facebook seems to conjure a particular factor of intimidation for businesses of the smaller variety. The big brands make it look so easy to accrue throngs of followers, with their shiny fan gates, and fun apps can be very intimidating. Don’t let the glare of a humongous marketing budget cause a panic attack before you’ve even begun!

Facebook is Your Friend!

Even if you don’t have hundreds of friends on Facebook, your Fan page can be successful with a very niche approach that will draw in only the market share of the appropriate audience for your product. Attacking your target audience will garner you quality followers that will find value in your shares and will be the most likely to share that information with similar thinking friends; thereby creating a tiny landslide of awesome!

Remember the tried and true adage – Quality over Quantity!!

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Many start-ups fall into the trap of spending their hard-earned money to purchase LIKES and while it is a quick influx of what appears to be solid Facebook growth, over time this is just bad juju. Those LIKES are truly a waste of money. Companies who charge for those numbers have taken the time to craft false accounts that will eventually be cleared out by Facebook, and thus, you will lose those impressive stats over time, taking you back to square one with little to no going on.

Facebook growth is slow and tedious and intimidating. Stark Social loves Facebook growth in the same weird way a long distance runner enjoys those cute little blisters between their toes. It’s a sign of hard-work and breaking ground with progress! But seriously, Stark has formulated a system that allows each brand managed to see solid stats increases over time while building relationships and engaging with followers.

If you’re not into Facebook that’s okay; we love it! Stark steps into the shoes of your brand and works closely with you to develop your Facebook presence.

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Deanna L. Miller


With a tough as nails attitude and a passion for marketing, Deanna has managed placement for her clients in such media outlets as Forbes, ABCNews, Yahoo! Shine and many other fabulous news and media outlets for prime exposure. Anything is possible if you engage the right mind with a sky is the limit thought process!