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About 3 years ago, Facebook shelled out the dough to buy Instagram to the tune of $1Billion smackers and it appears to have been totally worth it. Not only are the cornering the market of GenXers and Baby Boomers who spend their evenings avoiding eye contact with each other, but they are tapping into a market that isn’t utilizing Facebook as often as their parental and gran-parental units. That’s not to say that they aren’t all on both channels, but they are splitting their time much differently between the two and it’s showing the need for a solid content marketing strategy that takes into account both channels.

Facebook has recently introduced a way to create advertisements and target them to a specific audience on Instagram via their Ad Manager Tool, either in Business Manager or outside of BM. If you’re looking to take full advantage of the tools they offer, then you should consider taking the time to school yourself on Business Manager, but if you’re just getting your toes wet then don’t sweat the BM account.

And Always Make Sure Your Social Media goes out on a hight note!

And Always Make Sure Your Social Media goes out on a hight note!

Here’s a few things we’ve picked up about utilizing Instagram ads through Facebook and how to manage that IG account a little more effectively.

  • Make sure you connect your IG account with the corresponding FB page – check out our quick tips to see how it’s done
  • Create an ad image or video and written content that supports and expresses an important call to action – Canva is a great tool for this and we’ve already got a quick tip on how to get started
  • Know what your hashtag is going to be that you owe and market with ALL your content, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or IG. This creates SEO (which we all love) and helps to brand your biz and give followers a way to find other images on IG and everywhere else.
  • Develop your targeted audience – who are you sending this to? Age, income, gender, location…? All these things will be helpful to insure you’re not wasting your money on simply putting an ad out into the universe with no ROI
  • Connect your Facebook Pixel – this is HTML code that goes on the page you want to track conversions on – it can be a landing page, a page on your site but you need to know more then just how many clicks you’re getting!
  • Track it like nobodies business!
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