What is New With Facebook?

What is New With Facebook?

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Deanna and Nate talk a lot about Facebook in The Lab and today on The Social Life Podcast; it is back!

Facebook continues to grab business owners with new and improved ways to keep your potential clients engaged by finding the best ways to develop tools that make it easier to bring folks into your business on-line. One of the favorites is Facebook Live; people are using Facebook Live in ways that are engaging, fun and informative. People like Marcus Lemonis uses Facebook Live when he is updating content for his show, out at trade shows, meeting with new clients and engaging with other business owners. Brands like Under Armor are using it to show off their new gear and bringing users into the experience with demos and Q&A’s.

In today’s podcast, we are chatting about all the cool new ways to use Facebook to enlighten your audience about what you have to offer! Check out the below outlines for each Facebook Marketing option, Deanna highlights and don’t forget to email her if you have questions!

Are you aware of Facebook Business as an education tool?


One of the places I visit on a regular basis is Facebook Business. Visiting the News section on Facebook gives you a peek into what they are doing, what’s new and you get access to instructions on how to do everything, but if you are still confused don’t hesitate to give me a jingle.

Recently Facebook shared that they have made updates for Facebook Advertising in Power Editor!

There are several new advertising options added this year that business owners should be aware of with my favorite so far being “Collect Leads for Your Business” and “ Increase Brand Awareness.”

Facebook Advertising in Power Editor

Are you making the most of your Facebook & Instagram? Connect your Facebook & your Instagram accounts to take advantage of all the new advertising tools that are being rolled out on Instagram to businesses!

Check out Facebook Business for updates and tips on how to start creating your ads


Why wouldn’t you take advantage of these stats?

  • 500M+monthly actives
  • 300M+daily actives
  • 80%+outside the US
  • 4.2Blikes daily

obile is a thing of the present and with the advent of PokémonGo we see more and more traffic on our mobile posting, and Facebook reach. If you are an app builder or owner, then you are going to want to take advantage of the new, unusual ways to drive app downloads and installs!

There are NEW ways to advertise on mobile with Facebook, and you likely haven’t heard about it. Dynamic Ads and Canvas have given BETA testing large brands serious success and that will be rolled out to the rest of us in waves. These are great for those of us building apps for clients or if you already have an app, and you are looking to boost downloads and in-app purchase.

Check out this post here on Facebook Business for details:


Video marketing is a HUGE deal and if you are using Business Manager like I do to manage multiple pages that might fall under the same brand then you need to know about the recent release of Video Permissions.

What’s that you ask? Facebook Business Manager can be used to upload and manage your videos across all pages that video is relevant by giving each page permission to post that video as needed. That saves time and energy from having to upload and post videos to each page. Brilliant!

Check out this post, Deanna found:

Deanna loves the concept of Facebook 360 and thinks it is got tons of potential uses on social media for businesses who are looking to highlight their brand and create a solid strategy around location and services!

How to use on your Facebook Business Page:

How do I upload a 360 photo on my Page?

If you took the photo using your iPhone, one of our supported photosphere or panorama apps for Android, or a 360 camera, then the process will be the same as uploading a regular photo.

On web

  • Click Photo/Video at the top of your Page’s Timeline
  • Click Upload Photos/Videos
  • Select a photo
  • Share it
  • Look around in your photo by clicking and dragging

On mobile

  • Tap on the Publish button at the top of your Page’s Timeline
  • Select Photo/Video
  • Select a photo
  • Share it
  • Look around in your photo by moving your phone or by dragging your finger
  • Tap on the picture to view it in fullscreen

Don’t forget to check out their blog post too: https://facebook360.fb.com/360-photos/

We are excited to see how you are using Facebook Business Advertising and Applications to improve your business reach! Share you ideas with us on our social channels.

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