Instagram Stories vs Snapchat?

Instagram Stories vs Snapchat?

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Snapchat has become a BRAND mega champion, but it is got a tough competition now with Instagram stories!

Instagram stories is not just another application that you need to download to your phone and forget about; it is one of the only things that Facebook has done that does not require multiple apps! Stories can be found right on your current Instagram app at the top of your current feed.

Snapchat is a tool that big brands have been able to tap into to launch products, giveaways and promote events. Smaller brands are having a tough time breaking through the pay-to-play frustration that comes with a lot of these social channels. Moreover, that is where Instagram could potentially be their saving grace. Creating stories is easy, and right now everyone has access to it without. There are still opportunities to pay for advertising and access that increases your reach, but Deanna thinks Instagram stories has tons of potential.

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