How to Bridge the Generational Gap with Social Marketing

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It’s always important to know who your audience is and how to reach them via marketing. If your audience spans the generations, there is a good way to bridge the Generational Gap with social marketing. Millennial, GenXers, Baby Boomers are all on social media in some form or fashion, whether they are on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you need to know how and when they are active and making the ‘rounds to potentially view your content.

During the podcast, Deanna and Nate discuss the best ways to avoid making generation marketing mistakes with the following being the hot topics discussed.

  • Avoid assuming that members of a particular generation will respond the same way to the same type of marketing. Even within generations, there are generational gaps, and it is important to remember they are not all thinking and searching for consumer goods in the same way.
  • Don’t assume that every generation can be reached using the same social media platform. Just because Facebook is a good place to reach Baby Boomers does not mean that Millenial users are reachable there, when in fact, they are more likely to be found on Instagram.

Social Marketing is not a quick fix solution to reach every type of users, let alone generations.

What’s the best way to reach baby boomers?

  • Most Baby Boomers are on Facebook, use targeted content and advertising to get them.
  • Educational videos that pack information into one location is ideal for this generation.
  • Baby Boomers LOVE content! Utilize content marketing to prove them with the information they potentially need for a solid ROI.
  • Don’t forget to BLOG accordingly and including something enticing is an awesome way to grab their attention.
  • Email marketing with offers like coupons, deals and special offers that drive them to landing pages for redeeming offers is an awesome way to gain trust and gather contact information.

What’s the best way to reach Gen-Xers?

  • This generation lives on Facebook.
  • 8.5M Gen-Xers are on Twitter, and appreciate organic interaction and tweets.
  • Video is a solid play with the majority of Gen-Xers download and streaming video on the regular every month!
  • Valuable blogging content is an excellent way to reach this group of grownups with them searching for How-To and educational content that keeps them on point.
  • Email needs to be mobile and desktop friendly and appeals to their visual senses.

What’s the best way to reach Millennials?

  • Mobile. Mobile. Mobile. Did we say, mobile?
  • Niche social media marketing destination likes Instagram, SnapChat and Periscope are the best places to find this generation.
  • Millennial have a desire to create content, and they are HUGE on user-generated content that appeals to their hobbies and interests. Engage like they do. Think video and influencer marketing!
  • SMS Marketing. Use it.

Marketing never involves one cookie cutter solution that fits everybody. If you have got questions, we have got answers to help you navigate the entire process! Get in touch today for a free consultation with one of our Project Team.


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