Mind Your Manners on The Social Media Webs

Mind Your Manners on The Social Media Webs

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In today’s podcast, Deanna and Nate chat openly and candidly about the recent media attention caused by a social troll revolving around the hilarious and smart, Leslie Jones of the recent Ghostbuster movie and other recent incidents of people behaving badly on social media. Using social media to harass or bully someone seems childish and against the initial purpose of those tools. And, yet some use it for that exact purpose and nothing more.

Check out this info graph from Adweek about Social Harassment: Click Here

Social media especially the founding fathers, Facebook and Twitter started out as a place for people to connect and have fun with people we hadn’t seen in a long time or connect with like-minded people about social topics that matter to each. With the addition of social marketing to things like politics and brand campaigns, we’re seeing more and more bad behavior from people in high and low positions. To be honest, some of the bad behavior seems like nothing more than a giant troll attempt to rile up the masses and cause a social flurry over things that don’t matter.

More and more people are using Twitter as a place to harass and belittle people for reasons that are outright ridiculous. The recent banning of a Social Troll seems like a step in the right direction and fair warning to those who use it for evil. Click Here

When you’re on Twitter, Facebook or any channel for that matter, it’s about representing your brand and being a part of a culture that was created for social engagement.

If you’re an employee, it’s important to remember that you don’t have free reign to post whatever you please, in this article we see someone who posted something political to a political Twitter that didn’t align with the messaging or purpose: Click Here

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