Twitter Launches Video Website Cards!

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If you’re loving the ROI on video for your online marketing, then you’re going to want to learn more about what Twitter has just streamlined for advertising guys and dolls across the Twitterverse. Video Website Cards are making brands swoon across the interwebs!

While Twitter has become a hotbed for controversy, many brands are still seeing a solid following and good interaction from their loyal fans and followers. And with Twitter’s flexibility to continue to find ways to please us, fancy folks who advertise, it’s no surprise they are combining favorites in their ad platform.

Video Website Cards, allow users to engage quicker with brands and direct them back to your website or landing page for serious sales funnel action.

Sean Huang, of Twitter, writes:

“Today we’re introducing the Video Website Card, a creative format that combines the power of video with the ability to drive users back to a site to learn more or take action in the moment.”

Brands who have tested out the new Website Video Cards are loving the engagement and the return on their investment. By creating an immersive video environment, users on Twitter are able to engage with the ad and visit a site rather than simply following the user. Basically combining everything we love about a video and a solid CTA card in one spot!

Twitter users can expect to…

“Attract qualified consumers with immersive auto-playing video showcasing their brand’s value, product, or service before a person clicks through. Overall in the beta, the Video Website Card achieved a 2X higher clickthrough rate than the industry benchmark for mobile video ads.”

If you’re playing around with video on Facebook, there is definitely no reason not to jump on over to Twitter and test your audience!

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