Job Seekers Turning to Facebook?

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Facebook continues is a competitive edge against LinkedIn with offerings that continue to please users, who are already suffering from an advertising hangover with determining budgets, developing long-term strategies that win and keeping a watchful eye on those relevancy scores.

Recently, Facebook added the ability for Facebook Business Page owners to add new job listings to their Facebook pages and promote them across the Facebook-sphere with advertising dollars that target your location and specific demographics. Yes, there are still sites like and Monster, but where do we spend most of our time anyway? Facebook. And, Facebook knows this so why not keep the attention where it already is?

It’s genius if you ask me.

With all that being said, Facebook is exploring ways for job seekers to upload resumes and promote themselves on the platform. Huzzah! Now, we can delete all other apps and just focus on the place we browse with our morning coffee in hand.

While you might be wondering, how it would work, that’s a great question! Gals and guys who are looking for new gainful employment could use the Facebook platform to privately promote themselves to potential recruiters who are searching the site for new employees, contractors and remote geniuses who they can add to their team. While it is still in testing phases, and we don’t have a confirmation on the testing, launch or otherwise, it totally makes sense!

LinkedIn might still be a great spot for searching for and finding jobs, Facebook is giving it a run for it’s money with ease of use and access to billions of users. Considering, the good old fancy folks at LinkedIn just recently made their advertising platform slightly easier to use, it’s clear the Zuck’s team is keeping on eye on the BIG prize!

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