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RSS Feeds are ridiculously important! If you didn’t know, you heard that FeedBurner is no longer relevant, or you’re still mourning Google Reader like our co-founder Deanna then this is the podcast episode for you! RSS Feeds like blogs and social media channels help to create a strong presence for your brand and place you and your team as subject matter experts. And, that’s the holy grail for bringing folks to that sales funnel we all want to build and drip market to with valuable insights and information that makes us the best of the best.

RSS makes the world go ‘round and if you’re looking to engage with new users and push content to your general audience in the places where they are looking for cool content to share via their social media channels. Everything from Twitter to Blogs is an RSS Feed! We know it’s crazy talk, but it’s true.

I get all of my Websites

I get all of my Websites and most of my stuff at Food n Stuff

and most of my stuff at Food n Stuff

Here are the highlights from this episode of the things our team recommends to get your content pushed out to the world via RSS!

  • Check out FeedPress, and find out how you can optimize your feed and get it in the right spots!
  • Submit your feed URL to various sites like Feedly, Pocket, and Flipboard to get featured and discover new viewers.
  • Use RSS Feeds to help inspire your blog posts and cover hot button issues that engage new and loyal raving fans.
  • Increase your LinkedIn presence by utilizing its Pulse Feed to engage with potential clients and leads for the sales funnel.
  • Track different Google Searches! Google Alerts are a wonderful way to track keywords, topics or business names.
  • Did we mention FeedPress? Ok to be fair, we like that a lot!
  • Add social buttons to your website, blogs and make it easy for readers to share your content without having to search!
  • Maximize audience interaction with an RSS Feed email when you have new content to share! We like MailChimp, and you can check it out too.

We’re super happy to keep sharing fun tips and information, and if you’re a little confused about how to get started, don’t forget Deanna said you can email here [email protected] and don’t forget to mention that you listened to the Podcast!

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