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Content is King

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One thing that Stark Social Media stresses to all our clients is that what they share defines who they are in the eyes of the social public. Whether you are writing a blog, tweeting to your heart’s content or posting on Facebook for all your fans to view, content is king.

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If you look at any of the critical data, push locations – Mashable, Social Media Examiner, LinkedIn – the content shared is always relevant and speaks to the audience’s deepest desires to sponge up every last little bit of knowledge. While your brand might not be a national social media outlet or on-line news outlet, however to your clientele you are the niche expert in your field. Being the expert in your field not only gives you a leg up on the competition is also gives you something fabulous no one else has – LOTS OF CONTENT RICH INFO!

Be the subject matter expert! Whether it’s on your website, social media or blog; take your content to the next level by tooting your own horn and being your own boss. Research topics and rotate through the media to find pertinent information that relates to your business model. Make a list of several sites you find helpful in advancing your business acumen and then bookmark them in your favorite browser. Set aside at least 30 minutes at the beginning and end of the day to collect your data.

Taking the time to find information that is worthy of clicking through to gaze upon, shows your customers that you care, and not just for your bottom line but about providing them with a relationship that extends beyond 140 characters or a fan page post.

Creating content is an amazing way to build a dialogue.

Getting comfortable with content research is a crucial step in crafting posts that will engage your audience and create a larger base of folks interested in your wares – and is the key to always crafting solid original fabulous items for your readers to devour. Never, never, never repost content from someone else’s website or blog on your own site without crediting them properly! Don’t ever fear to share someone else’s content, as long as you give them their props and so forth. It is one thing to share content and a whole other can of worms to copy and paste someone else’s content onto your website, blog or anywhere change a few words and pass those bad boys off as your very own.

Content is King.

Working on content can be time-consuming, and frustrating when you have a business to run. If you aren’t working with a pro copywriter, then it will pay off to take a few moments out of your busy day to craft wicked, wonderful content to wow your current future clients with every single day.

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With a tough as nails attitude and a passion for marketing, Deanna has managed placement for her clients in such media outlets as Forbes, ABCNews, Yahoo! Shine and many other fabulous news and media outlets for prime exposure. Anything is possible if you engage the right mind with a sky is the limit thought process!