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Tweeting (or NOT) During Tragedy

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Santa Clarita's Stark Social Media Agency - Your twitter Experts

Santa Clarita’s Stark Social Media Agency – Your twitter Experts

Sadly, over the last year our communities have been horribly impacted by several tragedies and some very recent heartbreakers that have rocked all of us to our cores. Thanks to the interwebs we can’t escape the daily bad news our local and national communities are touched by however it’s uber important that brands pay careful attention to how they use social media on days that create heavy hearts.

If a follower is searching Twitter for news or updates from media outlets and your biz is advertising it’s upcoming 2-for-1 Sale this weekend there are going to be lots of frowny faces on the other side of that screen. Many consumers use social media channels to keep abreast of the updates on the news, sports, events and activities in their localized community. However, during newsworthy times many also tap into mobile outlets to seek the news they need to ease their mind or keep connected. It’s for this very reason that as social marketers we take steps to ensure that we are on top of the breaking news at all times for every single client.

Here’s a few helpful tips to prevent looking like a ding-dong during sad times:

  1. Jump onto your social media tool and DELETE those scheduled Tweets, Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube posts! No matter who your brand is or what you do, auto-posting on any social channels during a tragic day is just bad juju and is bound to land you on one of those lists on Mashable.
  2. Keep it simple and post something neutral about the events. Your image on-line is everything. Seriously, people are watching and your soap box does not need dusting off. Taking the time to grandstand about an event or share your personal feelings is simply a DO NOT on your brand’s social media.
  3. Follow the News but don’t Be the News. Watch other brands for cues and keep your eyes on the news media. If the after affects of a tragedy seem to be lasting over a few days then don’t be afraid share but try to share sparingly and keep those posts to your brand. Avoid RT-ing or sharing posts from a news or opinion-based media that might alienate your audience and clients.

Social marketing is definitely not easy, but if you remember that it requires a certain amount of etiquette then you’ll be golden while you traverse this tricky universe.

The most important thing to remember in all your social media marketing endeavors is to stay true to your Brand and the voice you have created for it. An audience will turn to your social channels if you display integrity and maintain consistent professionalism.

Stark Social Media Agency can help navigate the issues that come up during tough times. We’re just an e-mail away!