How to Bridge the Generational Gap with Social Marketing

Stark Social Podcast, Social Media

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It’s always important to know who your audience is and how to reach them via marketing. If your audience spans the generations, there is a good way to bridge the Generational Gap with social marketing. Millennial, GenXers, Baby Boomers are all on social media in some form or fashion, whether they are on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you need to know how and when they are active and making the ‘rounds to potentially view your content.

During the podcast, Deanna and Nate discuss the best ways to avoid making generation marketing mistakes with the following being the Read More


Five Reasons to add Webinars to a Content Marketing Strategy

Stark Social Podcast, Social Media

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Webinars are everywhere lately, and there’s an excellent reason why. A lot of them do not offer much along the lines of content and information, and there is a tremendous opportunity to do them well and provide something while filling in the gaps of your sales funnel. Here at Stark Social, we partner with one of our amazing clients to deliver webinars that highlight certain aspects of social media and marketing while offering a value add. Keep on the look out for our next webinar training series.

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The Social Life Hosts

  • Deanna L Miller | Partner & Marketing Director Stark Social Media Agency
    Deanna L. Miller
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Getting Started With Pinterest For Biz

Stark Social Podcast, Social Media

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Pinterest is not just for Moms or ladies who are scoping out new recipes, DIY crafts or the like. It’s become a mecca for big brands like Coke and Nike to share content to their audiences in a way that is fun, engaging and drives more traffic to your site then some of our favorite social media channels.

Nate and Deanna take look at what it takes to get started on Pinterest and how it can help with increasing traffic, along with some tips for posts and how to make it work for your business


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Expand Your Reach with Pinterest

Stark Social Social Media, Webinar

Pinterest is an outstanding way to expand the reach of your brand or business. In this training, Deanna of Stark Social and Mike Bjorkman the Broker/Owner of HomeSmartNCG discuss the many ways that real estate agents, and small business owners can get their product in front of potential clients, as well as build a sales funnel and ultimately and email list for future contact.

In the past, Pinterest has been pegged as simply as a great place to share recipes, DIY projects and crafts. However, with the advent of many add-ons for the business owner, Pinterest has become something much Read More

Pinterest for Business Webinar

Stark Social Social Media, Webinar

Pinterest can be a lot of fun and a HUGE time suck for those of us who simply enjoy it for it’s valuable recipes, DIY projects and endless pins about social media! Literally, you could get lost in there for hours. But, did you know that Pinterest has taken a big interest, pardon our pun, in how shoppers, homebuyers and viewers are using their site and mobile application to discover information about businesses. As a result, Pinterest has created a plethora of business tools and information to help every type of business create a valuable sales funnel with at one-stop Read More