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Social Media & SEO Giant Launches NEW Social Marketing App

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What do you do when you already have first-page ranking, award winning website design and social media services that are second-to-none? You launch a mobile app on both Android and Apple publishing platforms, after becoming licensed app developers. Yup, that’s what we did!

Stark Social was founded on a simple principle, “do good work”. Here at Stark Social, we’re more than just pretty faces and well-executed memes! No sir, we are passionate about continuing education, offering our clients the best of the best in our industry, and always having the guts to learn more and exceed expectations.

With all of us bursting at the seams with knowledge, we pondered, what do we do with all this information we have spinning around our well-groomed office space? Well, Nate and Deanna decided to share it via webinars and their very popular podcast, The Social Life that airs every Wednesday. Each of these events is published to our Facebook page for registration and shared via Video to the Stark Social YouTube Channel.

Then the challenge, of course, became, how do we deliver all this fine knowledge to those who are asking for it? Nate had a brilliant idea – let’s create our own app for mobile development!

Nate undertook the arduous task of becoming an official app developer with both Android and Apple and immediately went to work on creating the application day and night. Ok, mostly day but some nights. And, today, a star is born! Well, it was actually published on Droid Market first, but we all know how Deanna feels about Apple products, so yeah.

We digress!

In the app you can find the following:

  • The Social Life Podcast – get these a day early when you download the app
  • Stark Social Webinar Series – brush up on your social media skills from anywhere
  • Stark Social’s Social Presence – follow us for more tips and tricks!
  • Best Ways to Contact Us – get in touch for your free consultation!
  • And, more fun and excitement is soon to come!

We hope you enjoy the pants off this mobile app, cause we sure are loving showing everyone! No seriously, we just got a bartender to download it.

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