What The Devil is a CTA?

What The Devil Is A CTA?

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A Call-to-Action or more fancily know as a CTA for those of us in the industry, is an extremely important part of marketing efforts in today’s action driven society to ensure that your messaging is in-tune with your desired end result. In this week’s podcast, Deanna and Nate talk about the all important CTA in a variety of uses and why it’s important to incorporate them into every form of marketing being done by yourself and/or your company!

In the show they talk about some great examples from Hubspot who offers insights into why certain CTAs work and why other don’t and how to maximize your efforts.

  • Eye-Catching Design: Make your audience want to click on what you offer! Even if they click away, at least you logged their site visit with your Facebook Pixel and can retarget them later with more advertising! Right?!?!
  • Copy That Makes People Want to Act: Write it so they have no choice. Don’t write a whole story about the how/why you are a company. Give them the top three reasons working with you is the bomb.
  • A Clear Value Proposition: Easy… here’s what you get for what you pay for and then some!
  • A Specific Page (Ideally a Landing Page) Aligned With One Stage in the Sales Cycle: This should be the end of the road, and they should have no other option but to give you their data. Keep it simple, short and sweet.

… And that’s the basics of CTAs. Hope that cleared up any questions you might have!

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