Five Reasons to add Webinars to a Content Marketing Strategy

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Webinars are everywhere lately, and there’s an excellent reason why. A lot of them do not offer much along the lines of content and information, and there is a tremendous opportunity to do them well and provide something while filling in the gaps of your sales funnel. Here at Stark Social, we partner with one of our amazing clients to deliver webinars that highlight certain aspects of social media and marketing while offering a value add. Keep on the look out for our next webinar training series.

Here are Deanna’s Top 5 Reasons to add a webinar or two to your content marketing strategy…

  • Convenient: you can do a webinar from just about anywhere in the world with internet!
  • Easy:  You can quickly draw upon your current knowledge base, hot trends or new updates that will help provide your audience with a value that they did not have before.
  • Drive Lead Generation: when you advertise your webinar, you are gathering emails! We all know the goal is to build the sales funnel and market your wares to those people with how your biz can change their future success.
  • Create customer engagement: having a webinar opens the door to people engaging with your social channels, sending emails to inquire about tips and ideas and of course asking you to help them manage their goodies.
  • Be THE Subject Matter Expert: When you know your stuff, you need to share it! When potential customers and leads get excited about talking to someone who can help alleviate their worldly woes, then they will be more likely to spread the word and share the wealth.

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