Developing Your Personal Brand With Social Media With Neil Fitzgerald

Developing Your Personal Brand with Social Media with Neil Fitzgerald

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A personal brand is important to any business whether you’re building your brand to get the best job possible or your looking to be an entrepreneur and take the world by storm. During today’s podcast, we chat with our fabulous friend, Neil Fitzgerald about developing your personal brand for long term success and goal achievement.

Neil has waylaid his personal brand through recognition of his brand identity and channeled that into professional success that we’d all love to copy!

Neil Fitzgerald | National VP of JCI USA

Neil Fitzgerald | National VP of JCI USA

Neil’s Tips to Winning the Social Professional Game:

  • Don’t post about boozing with your friends – unless it’s done thoughtfully.
  • Have a professional looking headshot for your profile pictures on every channel
  • Share about your skills, achievements and accomplishments in a thoughtful way
  • Post about your community interests – remember last time we talked about nonprofits? Find one and join one. (ask Neil about finding a good one to join)
  • Network in groups on Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Follow and friend people you want to be in business with and engage with them using messengers and/or posts
  • Be a subject matter expert in your field always

Here’s that Career Builder link that Deanna mentioned: Click Here and that Time Magazine thingy she mentioned: Click Here

What are you doing with your personal brand? Don’t forget if you have questions about your LinkedIn presence or need help sharpening it up, please don’t hesitate to reach out by emailing Deanna at [email protected]

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