10 Actionable Goals For Better Content Marketing

10 Actionable Goals for Better Content Marketing

Stark Social Content Marketing, Podcast

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Many businesses are using blog writing to keep their websites fresh and in the good graces of the Google Gods. In today’s podcast, Deanna and Nate are going to chat about the action items you can use to create a checklist for creating valuable content marketing that will not only assist with building your sales funnel, but also keep Google noticing and ranking your site.

60% of the Time it works every time.

60% of the Time it works every time.

Your checklist should include the following:

  • Establish and match the tone with your social marketing.
  • Write about news when it’s fresh and your audience is looking for it.
  • Start Strong with a solid introduction.
  • Stop trying to sell hard in your content.
  • Use CTAs and ask questions of your audience
  • Try using “Bucket Brigades” to engage.
  • Give facts that make sense and are reusable.
  • Include performance boosting images.
  • Make the content interactive with items like polls or questions.
  • Mix-it up with your content formats.

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The Social Life Hosts

  • Deanna L Miller | Partner & Marketing Director Stark Social Media Agency
    Deanna L. Miller
    Partner & Marketing Director
  • Nathan Imhoff | Partner & Creative Director Stark Social Media Agency
    Nathan Imhoff
    Partner & Creative Director