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We’ve all been using Facebook Groups to grow our following, and become subject matter experts with a little more juice. Free memberships to Facebook Groups, have long been an exclusive offering of marketing gurus slinging their videos in advertisements on Facebook and Instagram.

And, with the increased use of this lovely homes for our potential client-base, Facebook took notice and took to heart all the input and ideas from their recent Community Summit. What we have now is a new set of tools that will most definitely create a spot on the Facebook for gals and guys to commiserate about social woes, share ideas about how to engage in best practices and increase client interactions, all while building brand awareness.

Alex Deve shares the update on the Facebook Blog and gives us marketers and newbies a rundown of the goodies.

Welcome Posts: Facebook has now made it easier for Admins to welcome new user by auto-tagging them in welcome posts that help to build community, and welcome newbies to the group to help them feel comfortable sharing and engaging.

Badges: We’ve seen issues in the past with identifying admins and moderators, and Facebook just made it easier by adding badges that identify admins, moderators, and new members!

Member profiles: This one is now a Stark Social Agency favorite! Members want to be able to identify each other, get to know one another and engage based on shared interests. Now when a member clicks on a group profile, they will be able to see publicly available information in their Group Member Profile.

New controls: It just got easier to manage your group activities even in the most awesome groups, there can be issues. Admins can now manage users ability to comment, post and even remove members from a variety of groups when they become unruly.

Check out more about the updates on Facebook’s groups and much more on their blog!

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