Expand Your Reach with Pinterest

Stark Social Social Media, Webinar

Pinterest is an outstanding way to expand the reach of your brand or business. In this training, Deanna of Stark Social and Mike Bjorkman the Broker/Owner of HomeSmartNCG discuss the many ways that real estate agents, and small business owners can get their product in front of potential clients, as well as build a sales funnel and ultimately and email list for future contact.

In the past, Pinterest has been pegged as simply as a great place to share recipes, DIY projects and crafts. However, with the advent of many add-ons for the business owner, Pinterest has become something much more for those of us looking to acquire a larger sphere of influence and engage with a newer expanded audience. It’s important to take into account all the various aspects of your business marketing plan, and be strategic with placement – and that what’s Mike and Deanna do in this 10-Week Social Media Series! They provide fellow business owners and real estate agents with the tools and information to create a well thought out social marketing strategy that includes tools like Pinterest!

Pinterest can be used to drive traffic to ones site, promote special deals & events, as well as take advantage of optimized landing pages that help build an email list of potential future clients that may need your assistance.

Webinar Conducted By

  • Deanna L Miller | Partner & Marketing Director Stark Social Media Agency
    Deanna L. Miller
    Partner & Marketing Director
  • Mike Bjorkman | Owner Homesmart Santa Clarita / Northridge
    Mike Bjorkman
    Owner Homesmart Santa Clarita / Northridge