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We talk about it a lot on The Social Life Podcast (I know, I know we’re coming back soon) – Value Add. Are you adding value to your social presence or simply building an echo chamber?

Creating educational content is the best way to create a balance and also position yourself a subject matter expert, which of course is key in industries like real estate, personal training, and more. Now, you’re going to ask us, how the heck do I create educational content? Well, lucky for you, we’ve been coming up with new content for our podcast, and have created the best strategy to get you started!

Educational Content Checklist:

  1. What can you teach your audience?
  2. Do you have a client testimonial that speaks to your special skill set?
  3. Create a case study, for a client or project that you took above and beyond expectation for success.
  4. Record a video of a client testimonial, trick or tip, or an idea to grow your clients business
  5. Create an infographic that details local information, business tip or other educational information

Remember sharing is caring, and if you can serve to educate someone with your tips, ideas or information, you may gain a new client or at least a referral to help grow your network!

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