2015 Social Media Year in Review

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This year a lot has changed with social media and frankly, much has stayed the same. There are some things that simply won’t change, however, they might evolve in various ways and become game-changers when they were not. In this episode of The Social Life, Deanna and Nate discuss how social media has become not just about sharing important life events, but also, a means to stay connected during times that are not so wonderful too.

What have we learned from a fabulous year of marketing and social media in 2015? What will change in 2016 and Read More

Enhancing Your Hyperlocal Marketing

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Believe it or not, there are tons of sub-topics when it comes to marketing, and for a long time people have lumped advertising and marketing into one enormous category. However, in a recent post by Seth Godin posted about the three things he felt were changing about how we market business and in this episode we discuss Hyperlocal Marketing, and how it’s changing thanks to technology, a revolving door of new applications and new theories on what works best for the various types of businesses.

Hyperlocal Marketing is something that most brick and mortar businesses, as well Read More

How To Up Your RSS Game

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RSS Feeds are ridiculously important! If you didn’t know, you heard that FeedBurner is no longer relevant, or you’re still mourning Google Reader like our co-founder Deanna then this is the podcast episode for you! RSS Feeds like blogs and social media channels help to create a strong presence for your brand and place you and your team as subject matter experts. And, that’s the holy grail for bringing folks to that sales funnel we all want to build and drip market to with valuable insights and information that makes us the best of the best.

RSS Read More

Understanding The Facebook Algorithm

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It’s no secret that organic reach is truly the holy grail of social media marketing. How does one beat the ever-changing Facebook Algorithm and achieve visibility by not only their audience but the multitude of Facebookers who might need your products & services? In today’s podcast, the team welcomes social media consultant, Gwendolyn Sims to the show to discuss overcoming Facebook’s limitations and getting your posts seen! Gwendolyn’s experience includes marketing advisement on a recent congressional & political campaigns and writing for various blogs including a nationally syndicated radio show.

It’s important always to remember that any Read More

Getting The Most of Your Holiday Marketing

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Marketing your business during the holidays can be overwhelming, and frustrating when traditional methods don’t offer much ROI. Social media is a great way to get the best reach for your buck!

During this week’s podcast we covered a few of the best tips for creating a solid marketing campaign that resonates this holiday season:

As promised the Stark Social team has assembled some of our Favorite Things that we use on a regular basis to create winning strategies for our clients and also a few fun ideas for holiday gifts too.

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What’s the Deal with SEO?

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What’s deal with SEO? Seriously, it’s a question our team gets asked a lot. Search Engine Optimization is no joke and our clients often come to us with websites that either has zero search engine presence or need a solid tune-up to ensure they aren’t breaking Google’s ever-changing rules.

SEO can make or break your presence in organic search, and the Golden Ticket is getting the coveted first-page results every single time a client searches your keywords. In this episode, Deanna and Nathan cover some of the ins and outs of SEO by reviewing the most crucial Read More

The 10 Commandments of Good Social

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Social Media is ridiculously fun and can be an outstanding way to connect with new audiences, clients and grow your sales funnel. The hard part is ensuring that you’re following all the rules that keep popping up everywhere on-line. Well, we’ve got your covered!

What we’ve found through working with our clients is that everyone needs guidelines. Whether it’s a consultation, training or full social media management strategy, the Stark Social Media team recommends following a structured approach to crafting your strategy from the beginning.

In this podcast, Nathan and Deanna cover The 10 Commandments of Good Read More

The Social Life Podcast

The Social Life Podcast Launching November 4th

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We’re got Training Webinars, we’ve got Quick Tip Videos and now we’ve got The Social Life Podcast!

The questions are constantly rolling in, and we are always happy to answer them via email, Facebook messenger or even Twitter, however, we searched for a way to alleviate the needs of our audience and also have fun while doing it. And, thus the podcast concept for The Social Life was born! A podcast is a neat way to share topical information that allows anyone to engage with it from anywhere at any time, and we all know that traveling can be Read More