Getting Started With Pinterest For Biz

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Pinterest is not just for Moms or ladies who are scoping out new recipes, DIY crafts or the like. It’s become a mecca for big brands like Coke and Nike to share content to their audiences in a way that is fun, engaging and drives more traffic to your site then some of our favorite social media channels.

Nate and Deanna take look at what it takes to get started on Pinterest and how it can help with increasing traffic, along with some tips for posts and how to make it work for your business


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What's New With Twitter Twitter

What’s New With Twitter

Stark Social Podcast, Social Media

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It’s been in the news a lot, and the BIG question is whether or not Twitter is going to be around in the future. With some huge changes, including a customer service tool application for brands and a look into potentially introducing an algorithm that would sort your feed for you. Twitter is seeking to achieve something that has never been done before, and we’re crossing all our appendages that it works out.

Nate and Deanna chat about the advent of easier brand management customer service tools and what they think is the future of Twitter as Read More

Common Yelp Mistakes Businesses Make

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Yelp is a blessing and curse for businesses. It really is. We get it. You want everyone to love your offerings and leave nothing but praise, but the fact of the matter is not everyone is going to walk away from your Shwarma Shop with warm and fuzzies. And, yet it’s not the end of the world!

Nate and Deanna have worked to help businesses craft solid Yelp Response Protocols that assist them in mitigating issues when they occur, and allow other potential clients to see the value in giving their brand a shot.

Larry owner of

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Yelp from an Elite Yelper! 1080p

Everything You Wanted to Know About Yelp from an Elite Yelper!

Stark Social Podcast, Social Media

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You know who they are. Those Yelpers who seem to have an exorbitant amount of time on their hands to write the most thorough and precise reviews of everything from the Dry Cleaner to the new Ramen place in the strip mall. Elite Yelpers. They lurk in the corners of Yelp, shaking their culinary noggins at those who misuse and abuse the beauty of a tool like Yelp.

Lucky for you, we have an amazing friend and client, who before he become Mr. SCVFixit, was also well-known in foodie circles as Larry from Yelp! Today, we talk Read More

Choosing The Best Social Media Site For Your Biz 1080p

Choosing The Best Social Media Site For Your Biz

Stark Social Podcast, Social Media

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A question, Deanna gets a lot… Do I need to be on every social media channel? And, the reality is that not every business needs to be everywhere. It might not match your business model, or provide you with a viable customer base and it makes much more sense to focus on the things that are going to increase that sales funnel!

Deanna and Nate chat about social media channels, and which ones are MUST haves for businesses and which ones are just add-ons to support solid efforts as needed.

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Does Your Biz Really Need a Video App?

Stark Social Podcast, Social Media

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With every new social media app comes a head-spinning wave of the how-to and the top reasons why it’s the best and you should use it for various reasons. Now there’s a variety of live video applications with everything from a cute little animal to a Facebook trend that is making it is for celebs and people of note to share their wickedly odd and entertaining moments uncensored.

Deanna and Nate are breaking it all down for you, and make recommendations, as they try them out live on the show for your viewing and laughing pleasure.

Meerkat Manor is worth a watch

  • Periscope
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The Dynamic Social Duo Facebook & Instagram 1080p

Dynamic Social Duo: Facebook & Instagram

Stark Social Podcast, Social Media

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About 3 years ago, Facebook shelled out the dough to buy Instagram to the tune of $1Billion smackers and it appears to have been totally worth it. Not only are the cornering the market of GenXers and Baby Boomers who spend their evenings avoiding eye contact with each other, but they are tapping into a market that isn’t utilizing Facebook as often as their parental and gran-parental units. That’s not to say that they aren’t all on both channels, but they are splitting their time much differently between the two and it’s showing the need for a Read More

How to Own Your Keyword Research

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In the history of marketing, there has never been such a low barrier to understanding the motivations of consumers. We have mountains of data available to help predict how consumers might respond. Yet many small businesses are living in “field of dreams” where they believe if they build it (a website) people will just show up and start playing ball!

So what the heck is a keyword and why does one need it? We have run across that question every time we build a website or assemble a social media strategy that includes Google Adwords or a Read More

Social Media as a Customer Service Tool? Heck Yeah!

Stark Social Podcast, Social Media

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We’ve all been there. A bad experience makes everything seem a lot less shiny, and can leave consumers chomping at the bit for redemption or at most acknowledgement that what they experienced wasn’t ok. In today’s episode, Deanna & Nate discuss what they’ve seen work and what they seen simply nose dive with failure in terms of businesses maximizing their customer service!

Things Nate & Deanna recommend thinking about when you’re making choices about how to utilize your social media channels for customer service:

It’s not easy managing customer service, and it’s feels all kinds of better Read More

Common Social Media Fails

Stark Social Podcast, Social Media

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It’s the New Year, and while you’re building your strategy for this year, why not also make a tiny list of Social Media Fails to avoid. It’s so easy to be out and about with your pals and snap a few shots of your bestie with her skirt tucked in her undies, BUT what if that bestie is the CEO of a major company, and that immortalization of one of her not so finest moments, could make it onto Page Six?

Grab a pen and paper, and start making that list, as Deanna and Nate chatter about Read More