Business Style Guide 101

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Top brands do not leave any aspect of their branding up to chance and neither should you. On this episode of the social life podcast Deanna and Nathan chatter and outline how to get started with your business style guide.

How to Get Started

  1. Define Your Target Audience: Describe who your customers are and why they need you.
  2. Describe Your *Businesses* Personality: Make a list of 3-5 adjectives that describe your brand
  3. Determine Your Guiding Principles: Determine the guiding principles for company decisions and actions.

What you should have in your Style Guide

  1. Tell Your Branding Story
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What the Hell is a Landing Page? (And why you need one!)

What the Hell is a Landing Page? (And why you need one!)

Stark Social Podcast, Social Media, Web Design

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Landing pages are something that everyone needs to embrace. You really cannot run a business without dedicated landing pages that provide your customer with a place to share your goodies. Whether it’s a promotion or special deal or a download, a landing page is the place to engage with clients!

What should be on my landing page…

  • It should be simple! Don’t overdo it with reviews, awards and extra stuff that could be distracting to your potential client.
  • Place for gathering at very least, name & email – don’t ask them for the world, they don’t want
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Top 3 Types of Video to Improve Your Social Traffic

Stark Social Podcast, Social Media

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Video is a HUGE part of social media in today’s brand market, and every business should be utilizing video in some form or fashion. Whether you’re owning Facebook LIVE or telling your stories on Instagram, there are ways to create content without spending a ton of cash.

Deanna and Nathan chatter today about the Top 3 Types of Video to Improve Your Social Traffic during today’s podcast. Things that they cover with diligence are the following…

1. Tell Your Story – everyone wants to know where you came from, what inspired you and why you bother doing Read More

Top 10 Tips for Bringing Harmony to Your Email & Social Marketing

Top 10 Tips for Bringing Harmony to Your Email & Social Marketing

Stark Social Podcast, Social Media

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Nate and Deanna have a fun conversation about bringing harmony to your email and social marketing – what does that mean? Deanna covers the basics of creating an email marketing strategy, and adding it to your social marketing strategy.

In this podcast, we cover the following:

  • Ask your current social sphere to build your sales funnel
  • Make sure you’ve got at very least your Facebook and Twitter set up
  • Pick an email provider to send your emails (separate from your CRM) we like MailChimp
  • Have you claimed your Google MyBusiness Yet? Go now. Do it now.

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Battle of the Ads: Facebook vs. Google

Battle of the Ads: Facebook vs. Google

Stark Social Podcast, Social Media

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Facebook is constantly changing its algorithm to improve the user experience. Surveys showed Facebook that users were unhappy with being inundated with content from brands that didn’t matter to them. Moreover, that is what sparked a change in algorithm again and again, and now they have adapted their formula to ensure that users are getting more of the family, friends, and brands that matter than anything else. The bottom line is that if you are a brand trying to reach someone on Facebook then you are going to need to play the game. Google’s algorithm has changed Read More

Mind Your Manners on The Social Media Webs

Mind Your Manners on The Social Media Webs

Stark Social Podcast, Social Media

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In today’s podcast, Deanna and Nate chat openly and candidly about the recent media attention caused by a social troll revolving around the hilarious and smart, Leslie Jones of the recent Ghostbuster movie and other recent incidents of people behaving badly on social media. Using social media to harass or bully someone seems childish and against the initial purpose of those tools. And, yet some use it for that exact purpose and nothing more.

Check out this info graph from Adweek about Social Harassment: Click Here

Social media especially the founding fathers, Facebook and Twitter started out Read More

Instagram Stories vs Snapchat?

Instagram Stories vs Snapchat?

Stark Social Podcast, Social Media

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Snapchat has become a BRAND mega champion, but it is got a tough competition now with Instagram stories!

Instagram stories is not just another application that you need to download to your phone and forget about; it is one of the only things that Facebook has done that does not require multiple apps! Stories can be found right on your current Instagram app at the top of your current feed.

Snapchat is a tool that big brands have been able to tap into to launch products, giveaways and promote events. Smaller brands are having a tough time Read More

What is New With Facebook?

What is New With Facebook?

Stark Social Podcast, Social Media

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Deanna and Nate talk a lot about Facebook in The Lab and today on The Social Life Podcast; it is back!

Facebook continues to grab business owners with new and improved ways to keep your potential clients engaged by finding the best ways to develop tools that make it easier to bring folks into your business on-line. One of the favorites is Facebook Live; people are using Facebook Live in ways that are engaging, fun and informative. People like Marcus Lemonis uses Facebook Live when he is updating content for his show, out at trade shows, meeting Read More

How to Bridge the Generational Gap with Social Marketing

Stark Social Podcast, Social Media

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It’s always important to know who your audience is and how to reach them via marketing. If your audience spans the generations, there is a good way to bridge the Generational Gap with social marketing. Millennial, GenXers, Baby Boomers are all on social media in some form or fashion, whether they are on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you need to know how and when they are active and making the ‘rounds to potentially view your content.

During the podcast, Deanna and Nate discuss the best ways to avoid making generation marketing mistakes with the following being the Read More


Five Reasons to add Webinars to a Content Marketing Strategy

Stark Social Podcast, Social Media

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Webinars are everywhere lately, and there’s an excellent reason why. A lot of them do not offer much along the lines of content and information, and there is a tremendous opportunity to do them well and provide something while filling in the gaps of your sales funnel. Here at Stark Social, we partner with one of our amazing clients to deliver webinars that highlight certain aspects of social media and marketing while offering a value add. Keep on the look out for our next webinar training series.

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The Social Life Hosts

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