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Content is King

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One thing that Stark Social Media stresses to all our clients is that what they share defines who they are in the eyes of the social public. Whether you are writing a blog, tweeting to your heart’s content or posting on Facebook for all your fans to view, content is king.

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If you look at any of the critical data, push locations – Mashable, Social Media Examiner, LinkedIn – the content shared is always relevant and speaks to the audience’s deepest desires to sponge up every last little bit of knowledge. While your brand might not be a national Read More

SCV Today: May 14, 2014

Stark Social Press & Media, Social Media

Social Media is a fun and easy way to engage with users across the world! If you’re a business owner, it’s tough to manage something that was once supposed to be fun and exciting to encourage your current and potential clients to find you on places like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Our co-founder, Deanna Miller sits with the hosts of SCV Today and discusses the ins and outs of social marketing for business and how to best engage without having it be overwhelming and frustrating.

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