Developing Your Personal Brand With Social Media With Neil Fitzgerald

Developing Your Personal Brand with Social Media with Neil Fitzgerald

Stark Social Podcast, Social Media

A personal brand is important to any business whether you’re building your brand to get the best job possible or your looking to be an entrepreneur and take the world by storm. During today’s podcast, we chat with our fabulous friend, Neil Fitzgerald about developing your personal brand for long term success and goal achievement.

Neil has waylaid his personal brand through recognition of his brand identity and channeled that into professional success that we’d all love to copy!

Neil Fitzgerald | National VP of JCI USA

Neil Fitzgerald | National VP of JCI USA

Neil’s Tips to Winning the Social Professional Game:

  • Don’t post about boozing with
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St. Paddy's Day 2017 Spotify Playlist

St. Paddy’s Day 2017 Playlist

Stark Social Playlists

It’s that time again! St. Paddy’s Day is a time of revelry, and joy… oh and beer. Lots of beer. But, it’s still a work day, and while we wait for beer o’clock we’re listening to some wicked tunes. Check out the playlist the Stark Social Media Agency team assembled for this occasion and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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Nonprots and Social Marketing with Neil Fitzgerald

Nonprofits and Social Marketing with Neil Fitzgerald

Stark Social Podcast, Social Media

Deanna and Nathan chatter a lot about getting involved in the community you work, and live in, and that’s why in this episode of The Social Life, the team invited Neil Fitzgerald to join them for a chat about getting started and how you can incorporate nonprofits in your social media. Neil has worked with nonprofit organizations across the world, held political office in the UK and most recently worked his way up to National VP of the Junior Chamber, while tirelessly maintaining and excelling in his professional life too. Being involved in your community is key to engaging with Read More
What We're Listening To Spring 2017

What We’re Listening To Spring 2017

Stark Social Playlists

What’s up Swanky Party People?!?!?

You all know how much we like to chatter about social media and marketing, and when we’re doing the work, we generally listen to some sweet tunes! Heck Yeah!

While we’ve been battling through what we here in So Cal like to call “weather” we’ve been dreaming of walking around the ‘hood in our flippity flops without slipping and sliding down the road.

Check out our playlist and don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for future tunes to get your groovin’ even when you’re not moving.

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Instagram Apps Worth Downloading

Instagram Apps Worth Downloading

Stark Social Podcast, Social Media

Are you using Instagram to reach your prospective clients? Are you having trouble making wicked good posts? Deanna runs us down on her favorite Instagram apps right now and most of them are FREE to download and try!

Its Naht A Toomah

It’s Naht A Toomah

Our Favorite Instagram Apps:

  • Instafit – does exactly what it sounds like! Make your images fit better. Download For iPhone | Download For Android
  • Cleaner – did you know that there is an algorithm that scores your Followers to Follow ratios? Clean up your follow list and make sure you’re following relevant content that supports your biz goals.
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How To Get Your First 100 Followers

How To Get Your First 100 Followers

Stark Social Podcast, Social Media

Have you downloaded the Stark Social Media app, yet? We’re on Droid and Apple so go now and get it!

While you’re all hard at work, we’re putting together great show topics and today, we’re chatting about how to jump start your social media presence and get those first pesky 100 followers!

Twitter can certainly be an easy build, along with Instagram while we know Facebook is a tough one to tackle since their algorithm is such a pain in the tush. Deanna encourages all of us to use the tools that each social media channel offers in order to Read More

What The Devil is a CTA?

What The Devil Is A CTA?

Stark Social Content Marketing, Podcast

A Call-to-Action or more fancily know as a CTA for those of us in the industry, is an extremely important part of marketing efforts in today’s action driven society to ensure that your messaging is in-tune with your desired end result. In this week’s podcast, Deanna and Nate talk about the all important CTA in a variety of uses and why it’s important to incorporate them into every form of marketing being done by yourself and/or your company!

In the show they talk about some great examples from Hubspot who offers insights into why certain CTAs work and why other Read More

Download The Stark Social Mobile App Today

Social Media & SEO Giant Launches NEW Social Marketing App

Stark Social Press & Media


What do you do when you already have first-page ranking, award winning website design and social media services that are second-to-none? You launch a mobile app on both Android and Apple publishing platforms, after becoming licensed app developers. Yup, that’s what we did!

Stark Social was founded on a simple principle, “do good work”. Here at Stark Social, we’re more than just pretty faces and well-executed memes! No sir, we are passionate about continuing education, offering our clients the best of the best in our industry, and always having the guts to learn more and exceed expectations.

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Business Style Guide 101

Stark Social Podcast, Web Design

Top brands do not leave any aspect of their branding up to chance and neither should you. On this episode of the social life podcast Deanna and Nathan chatter and outline how to get started with your business style guide.

How to Get Started

  1. Define Your Target Audience: Describe who your customers are and why they need you.
  2. Describe Your *Businesses* Personality: Make a list of 3-5 adjectives that describe your brand
  3. Determine Your Guiding Principles: Determine the guiding principles for company decisions and actions.

What you should have in your Style Guide

  1. Tell Your Branding Story
  2. Logo Specs (Size,
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What the Hell is a Landing Page? (And why you need one!)

What the Hell is a Landing Page? (And why you need one!)

Stark Social Podcast, Social Media, Web Design

Landing pages are something that everyone needs to embrace. You really cannot run a business without dedicated landing pages that provide your customer with a place to share your goodies. Whether it’s a promotion or special deal or a download, a landing page is the place to engage with clients!

What should be on my landing page…

  • It should be simple! Don’t overdo it with reviews, awards and extra stuff that could be distracting to your potential client.
  • Place for gathering at very least, name & email – don’t ask them for the world, they don’t want to give you
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