5 Web Services To Give Your An Unfair Advantage in 2016

5 Web Services To Give You An Unfair Advantage in 2016

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With 2016 just around the corner we thought it would be helpful to share some of our favorite web services to help give your business an unfair advantage in 2016.

5.  Media Temple – Web Server/Hosting

Check Out Media Template Website HostingNot all web hosting companies are created equal, and there is an ocean of web hosting companies out there. So what makes Media Temple better than most web hosting companies?

Their customer service is top notch. I know we are not the only ones that have talked to a customer service rep and became frustrated with the lack of options. Media Temples’ has many reasonably priced options to help solve your website woes!

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If you are not the DIY type, Stark Social Media Agency can also host your site on our Media Temple run Server and take care of your maintenance and updates too! Click Here To chat with us.

4.  WpEngine – WordPress Hosting

WpEngine - WordPress Hosting

Media Temple does offer WordPress hosting, with many of the same features like one-button install, staging, site caching and top notch support, but it comes up short when it come to the CDN (Content Delivery Network). Media Temple charges $30 per site while WPengine charges $20 on their lowest page and includes it free of charge on the higher packages. CDN is a crucial feature in maximizing your website speed that is vital for everything from user retention to search engine optimization!

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3.  Hover – Domain Registration

Hover Domain RegistrationThere is a good chance you could be one of the millions of people that have a domain registered through Godaddy. Godaddy has done an excellent job of positioning itself as a household name in the domain registration game. This fact, however, doesn’t mean they are the best place to register your domain, it just means that you have heard of them. Because of the number of users Godaddy has become a very juicy target for hackers, they have been a target of several DDoS attacks that have taken down all their domains, hosted websites and email!

We recommend Hover for all your Domain needs, their customer service is top notch, and moving is a breeze. They also give you the time that you registered with other domains, so let’s say you have six months left on your domain, and you move to hover you will get one year and six months for the one-year price!

Move your domains to Hover

2. RSS Management – FeedPress

FeedPress LogoYes RSS is important, click here to up your RSS game! There was a day when Feedburner was the only RSS management game in town. But like most things Google buys they rarely ever follow through with improving or upgrading the services. Google buys companies like real housewives buy shoes, who then wears them once and leaves them in the closet to go out of style. Click here to see a neato Google graveyard infographic by Wordstream.

Besides being super buggy, Feedburner took down its API and retired the AdSense feature! It is for these reasons that our preferred choice for RSS management is FeedPress. Feedpress is easy to use, 24/7 support, list building tools, and podcast hosting if you need it.

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1. List Building – Opt-in Monster

OptinMonster-logoOpt-in Monster is the perfect tool to give you an unfair advantage in your list building! They allow you connect with countless services integration including MailChimp, infusionsoft and constant contact to name a few. Their designer allows you to do as much customization or as little as you want. They intelligent exit intent technology that activates if a user starts to leave your website along with detailed analytics to help you tweak your list building strategy.

For WordPress users, Opt-in Monster has a plugin that allows you to customize your targeting based on page, post, category, tag and more.

Also here is the OptinMonster coupon code for 20% off, just type VIP20OFF.

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