5 Social Media Snafus Your Business Must Avoid

5 Social Media Snafus to Avoid

Nathan Imhoff Social Media

1. Buying Likes & Followers

Social Media Cheaters Never Prosper

Social Media Cheaters Never Prosper

In social media, much like everyday life there are no shortcuts to lasting success. And while money can buy you a damn lot of temporary followers, it can’t buy you the loyalty! Potential customers have dollars to spend and if you engage them they will LIKE, follow and maybe even spend cash money on your goods. Don’t underestimate the power of presence. No, not presents…PRESENCE!

W3 understand the temptation of spending a few dollars for big fat social media numbers. The only problem with this shortcut is when facebook or twitter starts to toss out all those fake accounts like yesterday’s leftovers; watch your social media numbers turn into a big fat billboard that you cheated. Clearly not a good way to build customer confidence in your organization. Don’t cheat your way through social media! Like Mama always says, ‘Quality over Quantity’.

Social Media cheaters never prosper!


Stick to the basics and ask yourself honest questions about your game plan. What are you goals? Who is your audience? Where do you want this social media to take you business? Don’t be fooled by quick fixes and shiny solutions, take the time to build your social media…or get someone to help. Seriously, we love this junk. It’s awesome.